Property Maintenance

Property maintenance protects our property values.  The exterior maintenance of homes, accessory structures and yards are a key factor in preserving the beauty of our Village.  Homes in disrepair, debris and trash in the yards, uncut grass and junk vehicles are the most common property maintenance complaints.  
It is the policy of the Village to accept and investigate written complaints and to ensure compliance with Village Policies and Ordinances.  It is necessary for the complaintant to fill out a Complaint Form.  Complaints will be considered hearsay if a Complaint Form is not completed and signed.
Complaint forms may be picked up at the Village Hall or you may also click on the link below to review the policy itself, in which the form is also attached.
If you have any questions, please contact the Salem Lakes Village Hall, Property Maintenance Officer, John Carrier at 262.843.2313, extension 5675.
Or by email: John Carrier