My Vote Wisconsin & Bring It to the Ballot

The Village of Salem Lakes encourages all voters to review their district and their ward numbers. 

Many people ask us, “How do I know my vote counted, how can I register to vote, how can I check 
my voter registration status, how do I find my polling place, how do I see a sample ballot, how do I request an absentee ballot and how do I check a provisional ballot status?” 



We'd like to refer you to the My Vote Wisconsin website at:


At this website, voters throughout the state can look up information regarding voting in their municipality, what ward they are in, what district they are in, who the current incumbents are, who the candidates are and even show you a sample ballot.  It will show if a vote was recorded for them for elections, but this can take up to thirty (30) days after an election.  If an absentee ballot is requested, it will show if the clerk sent them an absentee ballot and it will show if the clerk received the absentee ballot back.  It will show election dates and times, and the polling place where they are to go vote for the current election. 

To vote in Wisconsin elections, a voter must provide a Photo ID for in person and absentee voting.

For information regarding the correct Photo ID, or if you don't have a Photo ID, go to Bring it to the Ballot at:


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