Alcohol Beverage / Liquor License

Alcohol licensing, in the State of Wisconsin, requires Village businesses to obtain license approval from their Village Board.  Your first contact regarding an Alcohol Beverage License in the Village of Salem Lakes is with the Clerk's Office. The Clerk is authorized to accept alcohol license applications, process those applications, and seek administrative approval from the Salem Lakes Village Board.  Because the service of alcoholic beverages is a serious matter and clearly impacts our community, staff is available to assist businesses with the alcohol licensing application process.

Since there are numerous state forms to complete and steps to follow, we recommend that you review the comprehensive application packet (available from the Clerk) to ensure a smooth application process and to meet your business’s opening or renewal date.

Application packets are available below and at the Village Hall located at 9814 Antioch Road (STH 83), Salem, WI  53168.  An application packet can also be mailed to you by contacting the Village at 262-843-2313, extension 5708, or by an email request to Shannon Hahn at

For more information on alcohol licensing, contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website for more information.

The Village has specific ordinances that all licensees must follow.  A copy of this ordinance is given to all new licensees regarding alcohol licensing.

False information on the application could result in denial of the license.

Alcohol licenses are valid for one year, from July 1st - June 30th.  They must be renewed each year.  Approximately sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date of the license, you should receive a renewal packet from the Village of Salem Lakes.  Completed renewal applications must be accompanied by the necessary fees and be submitted to the Clerk's office for processing no later than forty-five (45) days before the license expires.

Any changes to your alcohol license, including a change in the operating manager (agent), a change in corporate structure or trade name, a change in partnership or limited liability member, change in location, transfer of ownership, or modification of your licensed premises must be reported to the Clerk's office for consideration by both the local licensing authorities.  There is generally a small fee for any changes.

We genuinely care about the businesses located in the Village of Salem Lakes and want to ensure that we are available to assist in the alcohol licensing process.  You may also call us at 262-843-2313, extension 5712 or email Village Clerk, Eileene Anderson, with any questions you may have.

Application Forms