Operator's License

Individuals (bartenders, store clerks, waiters and waitresses) are required to obtain an Operator's License (AKA: Bartender's License) to sell beer and/or other alcoholic beverages for a licensed establishment.

To obtain an operator's license, you must either:

  • Have held an operator's license in Wisconsin within the last two (2) years and provide a copy of it upon application, OR, 
  • Complete a Responsible Alcohol Beverage Server Class authorized by the WI Department of Revenue and provide a copy of the certificate upon application.  For a list of approved classes, Click Here...


The fee for a two (2) year license is $50, plus a $10 fee for the background check, which totals $60.  Licenses are pro-rated each month throughout the year, as licenses expire on June 30th. Therefore, the license fee will change from month to month. Payment is due at the time of application.  There is an additional $15 fee if you need a Provisional License (AKA: Temporary License).  A Provisional License allows you to work unsupervised until your Operator's License is approved.

The application is available below or the Village Clerk's Office located within the Salem Lakes Village Hall.  When submitting your application, please include a copy of your driver license, a copy of the servers certificate /or/ a copy of your current operator's license. 

After filing your application and making payment in the Village Clerk's Office, the application must be approved by the Salem Lakes Village Board.  Village Board meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month.  The Village Board meeting agendas are completed the Thursday prior to the Monday meeting.  Applications received after that will have to wait until the following month's meeting to be on the agenda for approval.

Upon approval, applicants may pick up their license in person at the Village Hall, or it will be mailed to the mailing address provided on the application.  This license is to be carried on your person while serving.  You may place a copy of the license on the wall at your place of employment, but keep your original license. 

If you have any questions, call Village Clerk Eileene Anderson, at 262-843-2313, extension 5712.


False information on your application could result in the denial of your license.