Boat Launch Information

Annual boat launch stickers are valid from April 1st (current year) until March 31st of the following year.  Proof of Village of Salem Lakes property ownership/residency and proof of current Wisconsin boat registration is required to obtain a sticker for $20.  Senior residents, over the age of 65, are free. Non-residents are $30.

Two stickers are issued, both with the same number.  Affix one to the watercraft, and one to the trailer.  Stickers which are not attached are not valid.  A separate set of stickers are required for each watercraft and trailer used.

The sticker for the watercraft should be attached to the port (left) side of the boat near the stern (rear).  The sticker for the trailer should be attached to the left side of the tongue where practical, and otherwise to the frame on the left side in a position which is clearly visible.

Stickers are not transferable.  Persons selling a watercraft or trailer with a sticker attached should remove it upon sale.

Not all launch areas require a fee, but launching a watercraft without a sticker at a launch where a launch fee is required is punishable by a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $150 for each offense, plus costs of prosecution.

Some launch areas have minimal parking.  Per Village Ordinance, parking is prohibited on ALL residential streets.

Launch sites that require a daily launch fee where this sticker is applicable are:

  • Camp Lake - east side on 270th Avenue between 104th Place & 105th Place
  • Camp Lake - west side at 278th Avenue & 100th Street
  • Center Lake - west side on 95th Street
  • Hooker Lake - west side on 83rd Street
  • Silver Lake - west side on Cogswell Drive & Manor Drive


Your cooperation in the safe, lawful and orderly operation of  boat launch areas is greatly appreciated